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Rivers of Existence

The Journey Of Earth Acupuncture.

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Do you wish you had more creative potential ?
Do you feel blocked from reaching your goals ?

Is self empowerment only a dream ?
Make it a reality.


Welcome to my site Newlife Reiki Solutions. I have become aware over the years of working with the modalities of Newlife Reiki Seichim / Sekhem and Earth Acupuncture that they have given me self empowerment techniques for use in my business and personal life. These skills have kept me grounded and aware of illusions that life presents.

It is the flow from this integral power of the Seichim energy that has grown into my love of healing, not only towards my family and clients, but for my contribution towards planetary healing.

I am also offering from 2014 Hypnotherapy, with a consultation. I am taking clients who wish to stop smoking, work on their weight management, anxiety and phobia issues.

This will be a full session which will include a NLR chakra balance and hypnotherapy to access deeper information that will help you move on in life.

Hypnosis is a tool to help your subconscious mind bring forward blocks to your inner growth and gain understanding.

I look forward to working with you and feel that a wholistic session will help bring about a new way forward for you and a deeper understanding of how you operate and of who you are.

What wonders are waiting for you just below the surface?

I hope the teaching from this path will provide you with the ability to take control of your life through love and gratitude towards yourself and for the benefit of all living beings.




Rivers of Existence
The Journey of Earth Acupuncture

For anyone who appreciates the journey back to self, will find this book inspiration and includes the method of Earth Acupuncture.
My book is now available for purchase through me.

It is also available on Amazon Books, TS Bookshop, Russel St Melbourne
It retails at $21.00



Newlife & Rebirthing Essences
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Help to release energy blocks to creative potential, bringing support, balance and harmony to a person.

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