I recommend Lee for a Space Clearing and Earth Acupuncture session. It has added a positive flow to my life and new home.

Shelly Borsodi Wantirna Vic

I recently completed the Level 1 Reiki training with Lee, primarily for my own benefit, rather than looking to practice. The context that Lee created for this course, both energetically and in taking care of the details that make a course like this work was exceptional. I was left in no doubt about the power of the Newlife Reiki Seichim modality that Lee teaches and practices. I was clear by the end of the course that I was able to apply the teaching and bring its power to my own life and with time to the lives of those with whom I come into contact.

I have used Lee’s counseling and Reiki treatments for several years. These years have been difficult ones for me and Lee’s ability to connect with the issue of the moment for me and clear it through her Reiki treatment has been a Godsend. I am deeply grateful for the help she has given me and I would recommend her to anyone. I have tried many healing modalities over the years and Lee’s capacity to reach me and heal me in a way that I trust completely has stood apart.

I have used quite a number of Lee’s essences over several years, as part of my own healing process. Lee has recommended these as a follow up to the Reiki treatments she has given me. In each case, I have been quite aware of their healing impact as I used them, and this impact usually continued on for a couple of weeks. In the case of Rebirthing the Heart an essence which comes from a Native Black Orchid, I found its powerful impact continued to work its magic for some months.

Dr. Richard Presser
Ph: (03) 9842 4457   Mobile 0413 745 111
email: richard.presser@bigpond.com
PO Box 1314, Blackburn North, VIC 3130

I had previously taken Usui Reiki one from the old traditional system and have found the Newlife Reiki Seichim symbols more interesting. I use it every day, in the morning, when I am it at work and before I go to sleep. I find it really comforting.

As far as security goes I feel really good about it. My life has changed to a Reiki type of way of living. By using the symbols to clear unwanted energies or thoughts it has helped me come back to myself. I really like it.

Earth Acupuncture one was a very new type of energy for me. Going out to the park; using acupuncture needles for the first time and seeing the circular energy coming out of the ground, I found it awesome. The advanced acupuncture workshop, I found it really interesting as well, the energy was drawn to me in a different way and once again a very interesting course.

Frank Simmons
Noble Park

Many times I have found that were it not for my having learned Reiki, I would have drowned in my own negative emotions! I have heard it said that self knowledge erases difficult karma, my experiences with the transmuting power of Newlife Reiki has shown this to be so.

Reiki lifts you to a higher plane: a place where it is possible to discern and remove all negative programming, be it personal, ancestral, societal, belonging to the collective unconscious, or other – worldly in origin.

Of course there are no short cuts: we all have to deal with what we create for ourselves: but with Reiki you can actually get on with it.

Lee has been the ideal teacher for me as she treads a delicate line: On one hand her style is not dogmatic, all traditions are respected, and her process is one of leading you to whatever works for you. On the other hand, she unflinchingly reinforces the need for safeguards when undertaking all energetic work. This balance creates a safe and supportive environment to undertake radical self development! I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Astrid Huwald
Warburton Vic

Newlife Reiki has given me tools to empower myself and through the use of symbols and the cosmic healing bank I am able to use them in my business. I have more vitality and am now able to redirect energy towards producing my goals which previously been fraught with difficulty for many years.

Janet Dunstan

“The Salon”

Dear Leanne, thank you so much for your help the place has improved a lot I am grateful for the work that you did. It was a really positive experience being with you, you helped me in more ways than one.

HM: Daylesford

I have to share this with you ....My son has just started a new job. On Saturday, he woke up feeling rather rotten. He went to work on Monday, but came home at lunch time, really bad. Not just a cold - the flu. As he hasn't been sick for years. He went to the doctor, wanting a miracle cure so that he could go back to work ASAP. Three days later he was actually worse. Had a fever last night and very weak. I told him if he doesn't feel better in the morning I'd ring his boss and explain......

At night I'm laying in bed thinking of what I could do and then I thought – The Rings of the Thymus!! I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't think of it before.

Guess what...this morning, his fever was gone, he felt brighter, chest has released and went off to work!!!!

Thank you, Lee....

Draha Pitner
Shiatsu Therapist
Croydon Nth