Rings of the Thymus

Rings of the Thymus are energy rings that surround the Thymus Chakra, sometimes known as the 41/2 chakra. These rings when cleared and activated give us access to a state of internal balance producing clear thinking, energetic integrity, vitality and better health.

History of the Rings of the Thymus
The Rings of the Thymus were first channeled by Margot Deepa Slater in the early 1990’s. Through her continued dedication in working with the Endocrine System, in the Newlife Reiki Seichim Linage, information on the Rings of the Thymus has become an integral part of this linage.

While Deepa was accessing this information here in Australia, similar information was being channeled in USA, called “Kwan Yin and the Thymus Chakra” leading to Deepa contacting the writer and the realization they were channeling similar information.
The Thymus Gland
The thymus gland is a part of our endocrine system and is an integral part of our immune system. Medical science holds the belief that the Thymus is most active before the age of five years and then gradually begins to atrophy. However the thymus gland is a part of the lymph system which makes white blood cells, called lymphocytes that protect the body against infections. Alternative modalities are now encouraging us to stimulate our Thymus to keep it actively supporting our immune system.
The techniques and benefits of activating our Rings of the Thymus.
By working these energy rings around the Thymus, it allows us to access inner issues, problems, stress, anxiety and general everyday effects of living a hectic life. Using the Newlife Reiki Seichim symbols over these rings allows balance, clear thinking and energetic integrity to bring us back into alignment.

This alignment works for a greater flow of positive Chi or energy throughout the body's chakra system via the 4 _ chakra or better known as the Thymus chakra. This intern can only help support the immune system by transmuting and sloughing off of built up negative energy.

In this new age, we are seeing more new disease and illness. By boosting the immune system through working the Rings of the Thymus, we help support the energy flow through the chakras.

This is a useful tool for people working on a spiritual path and interested in greater access to understanding the way of the heart. Working the Rings of the Thymus does not detract from Reiki, for a deeper intensity of healing energy that complements and integrates with the Reiki Seichim energy system.

Rings of the Thymus Chakra

The seven Thymus rings are all interconnected and work through linking all chakras. This linking is experienced and activated through the Newlife Reiki Seichim initiation attunement.

The Thymus Chakra
is our access to the inner sanction of the heart. By activating this chakra through the use of the rings, we can experience more love in our lives and consequently that love is then experienced by others. We flourish when we are loved.

The activation of these rings helps to boost the immune system and is way of continuing to develop and grow through the heart.

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