Newlife Reiki Seichim

Newlife Reiki Seichim is a path to self mastery through personal discovery and self empowerment. This section will explore the history of Newlife Reiki Seichim and how it emerged from the Reiki tradition.

In the late 1800's and early 1900's after assiduously studying Buddhism, Usui, himself a Japanese Buddhist Monk, developed a spiritual path and healing energy system that he named Usui Shiki Ryoho, commonly known in the West as Reiki (Rei Ki - sky and earth energies).

Usui studied many ancient forms of healing and Buddhism, some of which we believe are the teachings of the Shingon Buddhist secret teachings of body, mind and speech. Much of the material Usui drew upon to develop Reiki can be traced beyond Japan to early Indian origins and was preserved by the Tibetans. It is interesting to note that the Shingon Buddhists also made pilgrimages to Egypt for initiation and training and this influence is found in the teachings.

Seichim emerged as a healing system in the 80's when Patrick Zeigler, a USA Reiki teacher, became disgruntled with the politics and structures established by some Reiki teachers. He decided to meditate and seek guidance. During a mystical experience, he felt an energy which he later found to be that of the Bodhisattva Quan Yin. Marat, an old Reishi Monk, gave Patrick the name Seichim.

Seichim is the Sanskrit equivalent of the Egyptian word 'Sekhem' which means, the ‘sacred might of the cosmic fire'. Its origins can be traced through Buddhism to the mystery schools of Egypt and the Goddess Sekhmet. It follows the path of Reiki to even greater depths.

Newlife Reiki Seichim Lineage
In 1991, whilst in the USA, Margot Deepa Slater trained in Traditional Reiki and Traditional Seventh Facet Seichim with Zen Buddhist, Marsha Burack. On returning from the USA in December 1991, Deepa experienced an altered state of consciousness and saw a manifestation of Mikao Usui and a female deity. She later recognized this deity as Quan Yin. During the manifestation, information was revealed that would change her original teachings in both Reiki and Seichim. Deepa called this new variation Newlife Reiki Seichim'. Since 1991, more information was revealed to Deepa and is still being shared openly in other parts of the world today.

Leanne commenced her Newlife Reiki training in 1996 and completed level 6 with Deepa in 2004. Deepa realized that the completion of level 7 is the students responsibility and commitment to their inner growth and spiritual development, and by applying the Newlife teachings in creative form, allows initiations into the next levels to continue taking one ever into the mysteries of life’s experiences. Teaching level 1 and 2 workshops and providing Reiki and Counseling sessions has allowed Leanne to experience the depth of this modality and considerable understanding of the human body and its energy systems.

In 2006, Deepa offered the level 2 initiation sequences for Seichim/ Sekhem seminars to the last 3 participating teachers before retiring, with Leanne being one of them.

The Newlife lineage teaching becomes the teacher in itself, forever unfolding its hidden depths.

Leanne has found a well rounded package of tools for a student to make considerable progressive change in their lives, not only physical change, but emotional strength and physic development.

Traditional Seventh Facet Seichim Lineage

Newlife Reiki Seichim covers the teachings of Reiki and Seichim. This is equivalent to Reiki 1, II and III (or IIIA and IIIB - Mastery). Newlife Reiki Seichim integrates with and empowers all other modalities and may be incorporated into all aspects of life.

The body, mind and universal consciousness are in continuous interaction. By using (1) symbols as the tool for harnessing various vibrational frequencies, and (2) the ritual of individual initiations where the teacher reawakens and enhances the students’ innate abilities, we are able to make use of this unique energy to heal ourselves and others.


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