Newlife & Rebirthing Essences

Newlife Essences
Helps to release energy blocks to creative potential,
bringing support, balance and harmony.
Newlife Essences uses a combination of Flower Essences and stones from high vibration mountain streams and rivers of the world. Rebirthing Essences use the same combination of stones and flowers, but with one significant difference. The stone is from an ancient meteor. The following information will allow you to understand the key ingredients of Newlife and Rebirthing Essences and how you can benefit from their healing properties.

What are Flower Essences?

Brief History of Flower Essences

The Creation of Newlife Essences

The Development of Rebirthing Essences

The Healing Benefits from Newlife
and Rebirthing Essences

What are flower Essences?
Flower Essences are tinctures made from particular parts of the plant. For example, the flower can be soaked in a dish of pure water. The dish is then placed in the sun’s rays or the moon’s glow depending on the specific healing action required of the essence.

The tinctures are then used to treat symptoms of various diseases. The effect is to lift the vibration of the person being treated, allowing the negative energy of the disease or problem to leave the body. This dissipating of the negative energy or entity alters the body's energy field,
thereby initiating the healing process.

Brief History of Flower Essences
For thousand of years plants have been a source of healing throughout the world. The most well known and reputable flower essences were created by Dr Edward Bach.

These essences helped many people through the trauma of loss, bereavement, and anxiety as well as the elimination of disease and dysfunction.

The ability of the Bach flower essence to work on the subtle realms of the body was a mystery to many, but thousands of people testified to the flower essences healing properties.

Since Dr Bach, many new and different essences have been created by a wide variety of companies and individuals. Essences have been sourced from all parts of the plant such as leaves, roots, seed and flowers. They have also been produced under different conditions such as processing under the sun, moon and various planetary configurations. Further, chants and prayers have also been used in flower essence development.

These essences are now being produced all over the world. Most are unique to the country in which they are made. Each has its' own healing quality.

The Creation of Newlife Essences
Working with earth acupuncture and the flow of the earth meridians was the first understanding Leanne had of the healing ability of stones and rocks. It comes as no surprise that when we are sitting on a rock whether by the river or sea, that a feeling of connectedness is prevalent; resulting in clear thinking and relaxed emotions.

River rocks and stones especially hold the story of the river. Where the river has come from, what mountain passages it has traversed, and the villages and towns it has passed through. Rock formations have always fascinated human kind. If only rocks could tell a story! "Feeling" into a rock can tell you all that has passed before... a knowing vibration is encoded in them. Rocks from mountain streams from selected high vibration rivers of the world are one of the sources used in the making of Newlife Essences.

The other key source is flowers. All flowers used in the making of Newlife Essences are from the Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia. The flowers are mostly grown and distilled on the garden property which is an energized and protected site. The elementals and nature spirits of the garden enhance the tinctures, through their co-operation and coordination in the flower gathering and selection process.

Most essences are made on either a full or new moon, which deepens the healing action of the essence. Bush flowers that are not grown on the property are gathered from nearby Mt Donabuang, a sacred mountain and winter rain forest that was only discovered in the early 1930’s. On this sacred mountain resides 2,000 year old Beech Myrtles, used in the creation of one of the essences. Other ingredients are found on the feminine leylines in the Donabuang area. This combination of stones and flowers produce wonderful healing and nurturing essences.

The Making of Rebirthing Essences
Rebirthing Essences were made from an indigenous woman’s rebirthing stone. This ancient stone was once a meteor and the essences made from this stone are particularly relevant given the earth’s changes that we are experiencing at this time.

These essences correspond to the meridian systems in the body and help clear entities, patterns of worry, anxiety and fears which in turn affect the organs of the body.

Flowers used in the making of Rebirthing Essences are also made from Australian bush and European flowers found in the Yarra Valley and surrounding mountains. Rebirthing the liver was made in part from a beautiful rose from The Tibetan Temple “Peaceful Land of Joy Meditation Centre” in Yourke, Victoria.

All these flowers are combined with the Indigenous Women’s Rebirthing Stone. The essence of the Rebirthing Stone is total unconditional love and creates the foundation of the essence.

Who Benefits from Newlife and Rebirthing Essences?
Essences work well with anyone. Children, animals and even birds have responded well to the essences. Newlife Essences can enhance, support, and restore balance and harmony to a person. Most people express an immediate emotional, mental or physical change, while others notice that the issue that bothered them has dissipated or completely disappeared in a few weeks.

Newlife and Rebirthing Essences are completely safe to use and in most cases can be used in conjunction with traditional western medicine.

Leanne wishes to thank the indigenous guardians of the Rebirthing Stone for their guidance in the making of these essences.

Newlife & Rebirthing Essences

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