House & Business Clearings - Send in PLANS of your house or office.

Space Clearing is now available by sending me a plan of your home property or business.
A clearing from a plan can take a time period of 1-7 days depending on the geopathic stress of the black stream and issues that have built up over time.
Problems can be discussed & worked with at the time of consultation.

The cost of a plan clearing is from $80 - $200 depending on the amount of work & time required for clearing the premise.


Earth Acupuncture & Space Clearing    Earth Acupuncture Workshops

Earth Acupuncture / Space Healing
is a technique that sends healing to an area of environmental distress.

The healing process not only affects the land, but provides emotional and spiritual relief to the people that inhabit the area.

The process of earth acupuncture is built on the concept that there are many energy lines that crisscross the planet. These lines or grids have been mapped out and named by many dowsers who have journeyed across the globe.

Many of the sacred sites across the world such as Chartres in France, Machi Pitchu in Peru and Stone Henge in England reside over these energy grids.

However, these energy grids can get out of balance when affected by catastrophic events such a war, famine and human atrocities. When these events happen, the energy that was once sacred can turn into a black stream absorbing and carrying with it energy that can have a detrimental effect on the mental emotional and physical health of the animals and humans that reside on the grid pattern.

Earth Acupuncture Sites

Joanne D'Arc burning
in Rouen France
Harper Ferry in USA civil war site
Mont St Michel in France

These Black streams do not just happen when there are catastrophic events above the major earth energy lines. Lee has found that old sites or properties where human abuse has taken place can retain the energy of that abuse and affect the new inhabitants.

Leanne has found these Black Steams running through many types of residential, commercial and farms properties. These types of energy lines can cause behavioral anomalies such as family turmoil, bad business decisions, and poor company morale and even cause disease in animals. The resultant behavior that is caused by these black streams further feeds the energy lines which in turn create a never ending cycle of discord and stress. The cycle will continue unless the site is cleared.

A clearing can give you an understanding of deeper issues that may be the cause of blockages that keep on reappearing in your home and business life. A clearing will help give you insight, healing, and freedom to move forward.

Earth acupuncture needle
By working with the client and using a combination of dowsing, crystals, environmental essences and Newlife Reiki techniques, Leanne can clear the Black Streams and return a sense of normalcy and balance to the individual, family or business.

Leanne has applied the acupuncture/space healing approach for hundreds of clients across a broad range of business and residential customers. She has applied the clearing technique for residential and business property sales to assisting clients with specific issues in the airlines and publishing industries as well as farm owners, restaurants, and various retail establishments such as hair salons, and the health and well being stores.

{ P R I C E S }

Prices for clearings are $200.00 for an hour. A petrol charge of $15.00 is added for every 100 km.

Recommended clearings for business can be of benefit once every 6 weeks to once every 6 -12 months depending on your situation.

Houses benefit every 12 - 18 months to keep energy flowing or depending on life situations. When all elements have been respected and honored the process is at its highest potential for change to take place.

the principals of Earth Acupuncture

Man has been called by the ancients, a lesser world and indeed the term is
well applied.
Seeing that if man is composed of earth, water, air and fire, this body of
earth is similar.
While man has in himself bones, as a stay and framework for the flesh.
The world has stones, which are the supports of the earth.
While man has within him a pool of blood wherein the lungs as he breaths
expands and contract.
So the body of the earth as its ocean,
Which also rises and falls with the breathing of the world;
As from thee said pool of blood proceed the veins which spread their
branches through the human body,
So the ocean fills the body of the earth with an infinite number of veins of

~   Leonardo da Vinci   ~

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